upbringing.ai: Child Care made easy with AI

CIO Vendor Renowned reports say that India’s healthcare space is expected to grow at 23 percent CAGR to a USD 280 billion market by 2020. ‘Digital India’ initiative by the government has proven to be a catalyst in stepping up all innovations towards bridging the gap in health-tech. More so, this has enabled Indian startups to catapult their efforts in transforming lifestyle through health-tech. Based out of Bengaluru, upbringing.ai is a hybrid lifestyle and health-tech company. Particularly, upbringing.ai is uniquely positioned as a union of lifestyle & health-tech in pediatric and upbringing space.

Moreover, upbringing.ai is also transforming the ecosystem around upbringing with its parenting platform driven by causal-AI, curated guidance & multimodal doctor support. Finding a parenting solution inhouse assistance device is very rare and upbringing.ai’s AI driven technology facilitates home-first-approach platform in the market.

AI-Driven Personalized Health Check via Doozie
Doozie is upbringing.ai’s premium subscription based multi parenting segmented product. Doozie’s health bot named ‘DAADI’ in the app provides symptoms to differential diagnosis finder and also points towards a symptom level home remedy for easy at-home solutions. The AI doctor ‘DAADI’ conducts a pro-active self-diagnosis at home and gives out feedbacks with a human like doctor interaction. Doozie covers all these issues via a single app, monitored and strongly developed by the team of
experts carrying years of research in parenting psychology. Parents can use it as a memory treasure and store it on their timeline so that they can pre-view saved videos and photos. The bot has a human kind interaction model wherein the user can tap on a body part on screen as ‘DAADI’ directs next points with a detailed insight. The Doozie personalizes structural content on parenting expertise and video guidance by doctors for every age. Currently, more than 3000 parents use Doozie and the platform syndicates parenting levers for more than 2300 active children profiles.

The AI doctor ‘DAADI’ conducts a pro-active self-diagnosis at home and gives out feedbacks with a human like doctor interaction

“upbringing.ai's first product Doozie is about developing new AI technology driven levers for children’s better health-care and uplifting parenthood & lifestyle in the succeeding years. We are developing an AI-driven personalized parenting ecosystem for children and parents which would help families optimize their resources for meaningful parenting actions”, says Monish Kaul, Founder & CEO, upbringing.ai. The parenting AI model by upbringing.ai consists of AI-driven doctors with support system, making it easier to cover and recognize any disease. Currently, upbringing.ai is turning out to be a big player in conversational support for doctors and paediatric counsellors on demand basis. To further advance, upbringing.ai is introducing technological AI-driven parenting interventions like relevant personalized content, machines driven growth and anomaly tracking, for improving healthcare, learning and guidance system.