Karix Mobile: End-to-End Digital Process Automation for Customer Experience Fulfilment

CIO Vendor To enhance service offerings for a superior customer experience, several research & development activities have been undertaken and technological advancements have happened in the field of conversational AI solutions. Every business today, medium or large is vying for the attention of their customers who are spending most of their time online. It is no longer a choice but an imperative consideration to stay relevant and keep up with the ever-evolving customer expectations. The market is witnessing an upsurge in the demand for customer support services and AI-powered chatbots across various industries, including financial services, banking, insurance, retail, e-Commerce, travel, and hospitality, to name a few. Enterprises are looking for structured FAQs driven support bots as an integral part of their digital enablement strategies.

However, for deeper digital implementation and to truly create delightful customer experiences, the relationship of bots with the customers requires much more than just pointed solutions like HR or Helpdesk support, retail bot, banking solution, conversational commerce etc. To begin with, data assessment, personalisation and process automation play a pivotal role in ensuring your brand comes across as a more customer-centric, integrated and interested one. Hence, it's important to have clear digital engagement goals at an organizational level to develop multiple use cases on a platform or a combination of platforms for orchestration of engagement touch points and communications. The platform should also be able to prioritise NLP/AI, omnichannel support, multi-lingual support, and document management among other required capabilities.

Karix is one of the leading and largest solution providers in the country that enables end-to-end digital process automation for customer experience fulfilment, across the customer lifecycle. This is done using a low code, intelligent automation plat-form combined with multiple channels and seamlessly integrated into backend processes and data. It enables
businesses to not only provide basic knowledge management assistance, but also a holistic deployment of their transformative digital and marketing strategies. This conversational automation platform comes with a live agent module that can be invoked based on various decision trees that are configured in the back-end to provide a seamless transition from a bot to a human.

"We can easily collaborate with existing tools or pointed solutions that enterprises have already invested in; thus bringing about a scalable, richer engagement between end-users and brands. Our objective is to provide a multi-modal, multi-channel and multi-use-case platform to our customers; whether it's for sales and lead management, support for employees and customers, or transactional assistance that processes service requests fulfilments," highlights Sonia Kaul, Vice-President - Product Marketing, at Karix.

Our objective is to provide a multi-modal, multi-channel and multi-use-case platform to our customers

Tailor-made Solutions for Enterprise Communications
Karix's low code platform can orchestrate data from multiple siloed systems in any large enterprise to deploy use cases using conversation flows and backend automation. This is done using expertise in structuring conversations to create a frictionless, omnichannel experience on channels like WhatsApp, SMS or App/web-bots; creating custom applications or using pre-built use cases to provide solutions that fit specific and individual enterprise requirements. Karix's differentiated offerings integrate with existing AI or RPA systems to provide agile solutions and avoid recreating digital knowledge silos.

"Since we cater to omnichannel deployment, we have brought a lot of design engineering aspects in our zero-code bot builder. The flows can be designed for customer interactions on social apps, messaging apps, web/app bots or even SMS and RCS. The flow builder provides features that maximize the UI and form factor of each channel. It also allows bot designers to use buttons, forms, widgets, rich cards, images, Gifs and other templates that engage users with media richness but with least clicks," concludes Sonia.