Salesken: Conversational Intelligence & Analytics

CIO Vendor Conversations of a sales representative with customers, over a call or video conferencing are influenced by some factors like the agent's emotions, product knowledge, ability to handle objections, etc. As per the BCG Digital Sales Market Insights Series, given the pandemic scenario, the demand for sophisticated tools for Sales and customer support conversations is going to raise in India as well as across the globe. Salesken ­ A Conversational Intelligence plat-form, acts as a real-time assistant to the agents, enhances the quality of conversations and improves the overall number of conversions in an organization, and revenue. The company is primarily focused on Sales Conversations and positioned as a disruptor in the Conversational AI space. Salesken amplifies the intelligence of the Sales Reps in real-time with advanced Machine Learning algorithms delivering actionable insights that increase the revenue.

Sales Journey ­ Streamlined & Simplified
Conversational AI users ­ the Agents, and the Managers, who manage a team of agents. Agents look for seamless integration with their CRM, Call recording and Transcription, real-time support, and an analysis of strengths and weaknesses in any call. On the other hand, Managers look for a detailed analysis of the team's performance, areas of improvement, and key coachable moments for each agent. Sales is a dark art making all conversations unique and complex. Salesken's AI engines learn from the past conversations and build a knowledge graph including all the winning traits of the top-performing sales reps. This encourages the average and low-performing reps to perform better during the conversations. Salesken guarantees more conversions than what is expected which
improves the top line of the organization, by reducing the performance gap between the best performers and the rest of the sales team.

Salesken Analytics
Salesken's Playbook Analytics provides an overview of the coverage of defined sales playbook dimensions, strong and weak areas at an individual call level, agent, or manager level. This is in addition to other analytical capabilities like activity/productivity reports, Talk ratio, and others. Pipeline Analytics gives the Manager complete visibility on the deals by each stage by continually assessing the variance in the improvement of the reps and forecasting the sales pipeline to present it as accurately as possible.

Being the best-in-class Conversational Intelligence Tool, Salesken is able to augment the intelligence of Sales organizations across different industries

Salesken assists agents during their sales conversations by providing them with real-time cues like suggestions, tips, or instructions for conversation navigating them towards success. The real-time cues are provided in both a reactive and proactive manner depending on the context. Salesken's Good Call engine analyses specific factors using a Natural Language Processing (NLP) model that creates the anatomy of an ideal call and benchmarks every call with the same.

Salesken is now focusing on its Go-to-Market Strategy for an aggressive expansion in the Indian and US markets. The Co-founders, Surga and Sreeraman, have over a decade of expertise in training Sales Professionals. This helped them bring the best of Data Science to Sales that led to the inception of Salesken. Salesken is the highest-rated Conversation Intelligence Platform on crowdsourcing review platform G2 with a rating of 5/5.